CNC Robot


Industrial robots can be mounted on the floor and the processing space can be extended almost indefinitely with use of linear axes and rotating table. With 6 degrees of freedom or more, complicated positions can be reached with robots, this makes the total cost of a CNC robot much lower than the cost of a comparable CNC machines. Moreover, setup times in the production sequence can be shortened, since related operations such as milling and trimming can be performed by the robot. Specifically, the possible fields of use of the adaptshape systems include: prototype construction, lightweight forms and processing of form materials or easily machinable aluminium, as well as trimming and related processing.


Package includes the following:

  • KUKA Robot
  • New Spindle
  • Extenal cabinet
  • Automatic tool station
  • Sprutcam Software (optional)
  • Post processor (optional)
  • Rotating table (optional)
  • Lineal track (optional)

The material we are able to machining:

  • Foam
  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Plastic
  • Carbon fiber