02 Details


Item Description
Laser source MAX 50W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Field lens 300x300mm*1, 200x200mm*1
Software Marking Mate / EZCAD2
Drive motor Stepper /Servo motor
Computer Included
Working area 1000x2000mm
Machine dimension 2500x1500x1400mm
Max. speed 7000mm/s
Reposition precision 0.003mm
Min. Line width 0.03mm
Min. Letter 0.1mm
Marking format Graphics. Text, AI, DXF, PLT, Bar code, QR code, etc
Protect glasses 3 pair
Voltage 1PH~220V 50HZ
Head  Cover Optional


Laser Marking Machine, with X and Y axis, can split graphics to blocks, in this way can do large size graphic marking