02 Details


Model STB-1325R/1530R Co2 Laser Cutting Machine
Working Area 1300*2500mm/1500*3000mm
Laser Power 80W-500W
Laser type Sealed CO2 laser tube
Cooling Type Water cooling
Laser Output Control 0-100% Set by software
Control system Ruida6445
Cutting speed 0-600mm/s
Repetition accuracy ≤±0.05mm
Min. Letter 1mm
Power Supply 220V±10% 50HZ or 110V±10% 60HZ
Working conditions temperature:0-45℃,humidity:5%-95%
Compatible software Coreldraw Autocad Illustrator
File formats *.plt*.dst*.dxf*.bmp etc
Machine parts Water chiller, Air pump/air compressor, Exhaust fan


  1. Reinforced bed, the overall structure is welded with 100mm square tube (thickness 5.5mm), and undergoes vibration aging and natural aging treatment.
  2. X-axis rack and double guide rails, Y-axis double-sided rack and bilateral drive servo motor combined with precision reducer, greatly reduce the probability of rack wear and deformation, noise-free operation at 500mm/s idling speed.
  3. Constant optical path, add third and fourth mirrors (total five mirrors) and move with the laser head to keep the optimal output optical path length constant.
  4. The CCD camera system adds an edge finding function to the machine, which has a wider range of applications.
  • 1300x2500mm/1500x3000mm working area
  • 80W-500W laser tube
  • High-strength integrated machine body
  • Y-axis Bilateral servo motor & gearbox & rack and pinion
  • X-axis servo motor & gearbox & rack and pinion
  • Taiwan T-WIN Rack and Pinion, CSK guide rail
  • Leadshine servo motors
  • All-in-one Aluminum alloy gantry
  • Constant optical path
  • Water chiller
  • Super suction design, double funnel, double 750W exhaust fans
  • Optional Markpoint CCD camera