02 Details


Machine model STB-1530 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine With Pipe Cutting Attachment
Laser Source 1000W
Minimum cutting width 0.1mm
Maximum moving speed 100m/min
Working area 1500*3000mm
Pipe diameter Φ20-200mm
Z axis travel 110mm
Electricity requirements 380/50,60v/hz
Acceleration 1.0G
Positioning accuracy 0.05mm
Re-positioning accuracy 0.03mm
Total power 40kw
Presser of N2/O2/AIR 15-20/6-8/15-30 bar
Table maximum loading 1500kgs
Total Weight 3500kgs
Voltage 3~380v 50-60hz


Mark Item Description Brand
1 Laser Source 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W Max, China
2 Laser Head Raytool Raytool,China&Switzerland
3 Control System FSCUT2000 FSCUT, China
4 Machine Bed Steel Welding Sintech,China
5 Gantry Beam Cast Alumnium Sintech, China
6 Motors Servo Motor Wise, China
7 Speed Reducer Speed Reducer EREFAT,Germany
8 Guide Rail X Y Z Axis Guide Rail Hiwin, Taiwan
9 Rack and Pinion X Y Axis Rack and Pinion Twin, Taiwan
10 Ballscrew Z axis ballscrew TBI, Taiwan
11 Water Chiller Water chiller Hanli, China
12 Computer Industrial PC Yanhua,China
13 Lubricating Oil Lubricator Artech,China
14 Limit Switch Limit Switch Ormon,Japan
15 Electrics Electrics Schneider, France