02 Details


 Model  STD-1590 Glass CNC Milling Machine
 Working Area  1500x900x500mm
 Spindle Power  7.5KW water cooling ATC spindle*2
 Spindle Speed  0-24000RPM
 Collet  ER32
 Traveling Positioning Accuracy  ±0.03mm
 Re-positioning Accuracy  ±0.03mm
 Max.Travelling Speed  40m/min
 Max.Working Speed  8m/min
 Controller  LNC
 Software  ArtCAM
 Command Language  G Code
 Transmission  X Y Axis Rack and Pinion, Z axis ballscrew
 Rail  Square Liner Rail
 Motor  Servo motor
 Table  Flat table with vacuum cups
 Oil lubricating  Oil lubricator
 Location  Location Pins
 Working Voltage  3~380V±20% 50-60hz
 Certificate  CE
 Packing  Wooden Box


# XYZ working area 1500x900x500mm double head

# 7.5KW water cooling spindle 24000RPM HD brand *2

# Vacuum Suction cups * 6

# 7.5KW Vacuum pump

# LNC controller with computer

# VFD inverter: FULING brand

# 1500W leadshine Servo motor

# XY Axis rack and pinion transmission

# TBI brand ballscrew

# Aluminum profile T-slot table

# Water sprayer and water tank

# Tool sensor

# 3-380V voltage