02 Details


Model STD-2030 5 Axis CNC Router
X Y Z Axis Travel 2000x3000x800mm
A/C Axis ±110°/±220°
5 Axis Head Brand DEMAS (China)
Spindle Motor Hiteco 10KW 18000RPM ATC (China)
Tool Magazine 12 Tool Liner Type (ISO30)
Spindle Colling CW6000 water chiller(China)
VFD Inverter FULING (China)
Control System GUANGSHU(GSK) (China)
Drive Motor GUANGSHU(GSK) (China)
Gear Box GUANGSHU(GSK) (China)
Transmission system XY Axia Rack and Gear Z Axis Ballscrew
Guide Rail Hiwin (TaiwanChina)
Rack and Pinion Herion (Germany)
Ballscrew TBI (TaiwanChina)
Oil lubrication Automatic Oil Lubricator
Traveling Speed 60/60/20m/min
Working Speed 20m/min
Maching Precision 0.3mm/m
Working voltage AC 3~380V50HZ ±10%
Software Powermill (optional)


# 2000x3000x800mm XYZ axis travel
# Demas 5 axis head A±110° C±220°
# 10KW Water Cooling ATC spindle. Hiteco brand
# VFD Inverter. FULING brand
# T-slot table
# GSK control system
# GSK Servo motor
# GSK speed reducer
# Herion Rack and Pinion
# Hiwin Guide Rail
# Square liner rail and ballscrew
# X Y rack and pinion transmission
# Z axis ballscrew transmission
# woodworking tool 1 box
# Tool Sensor
# Oil lubricator
# Water chiller cw6000