How To Reduce The Radiation Of Laser Cutting Machine?

Laser cutting machine as laser cutting equipment, more and more popular in the cutting industry. Today, in the thin metal cutting industry, laser cutting machines have slowly replaced other CNC cutting machine products. However, the laser cutting machine will produce a lot of radiation when it is used because of its high heat and high energy. So how do we work at high speed while minimizing the radiation from laser cutters?

Protection equipment for laser cutting machine

The protective equipment for laser cutting machines is typically laser protective mirrors, because protective mirrors that reduce laser damage to human eyes can be divided into reflective, absorption, diffraction, and composite types according to their protection principles. Of course, They will filter and protect according to the laser radiation wavelength of the laser cutting machine, which is also a relatively safe and convenient laser cutting machine protection equipment on the market.

Laser cutter

Self-protection against radiation from laser cutter

If the human body has a good degree of health, the slight radiation of the laser cutter can be resisted. Therefore, laser cutter operators should pay attention to eat more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin A, C and protein, often drink some green tea and so on. Because these foods can help humans better protect their eyes, so that the human body can better protect the human body under the conditions of laser cutting machine radiation.

Hide yourself.

This requires laser cutting machine operators and other personnel to pay attention to the fact that if they can avoid laser cutting machines as far as possible, or if they can use numerical control cutting machines to complete the work, do not use laser cutting machines. Although laser cutting machines are more efficient, they are used for a long time. The damage to the human body is still very large, so it is recommended to use a CNC cutter to complete the work.